December Days: 05 Christmas Presents

2008 for Gary -
Standing buck - charcoal on paper 11x14
I thought I would share pictures of artwork I have done for gift exchanges at our family gatherings. I liked giving something personal that wasn't expensive and they liked getting artwork.  Everyone happy.  We didn't meet last year due to weather and other things.
The exchange may have stopped for now, but I think I would like to see it come back.

2007 for Amy - 
Amy Blue -  oil on canvas 8x10

2009 for Angela - 
Angie & Jerrod - oil acrylic on canvas 18x24

2012 for Sandra - 
Sandi - oil on canvas 16x20

2010 for April -
 Daisies oil on canvas 12x12

2011 for Ariel - 
Ariel's Turtle intaglio etching 3x5


  1. Those are great. And, you are right...something that you have painted or drawn or otherwise created is a gift from the heart!

  2. Thank you Donna! I also know that my creativity is a gift from God!


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