December Days: 01 Cards from the Heart

As promised, here is the first post in my daily series, 'December Days.' I will share photos, recipes, memories, treasures, and (of course) artwork. This is my way of celebrating the Christmas season.
Note: I mean no disrespect whatsoever to anyone who worships differently. We all live on the same planet, under the same sky, with the same needs for love and comfort. 

Day 1: Cards from the Heart

Here are Christmas cards I have made in past years since becoming an artist. I missed a few years but am working on a new one for 2014 and will share in a later post closer to the 25th.

I still have some cards left. I posted a Special Offer for my followers on my Facebook art page KmBennett Art (Offer expires December 31, 2014)

2005 Mary and Jesus - I used a photo of my Mom and nephew Josef, changed the clothing and hair. Reproduced digitally. I still have the painting.

2007 Little Angel - Charcoal drawing of a figurine in my Mom's house. Reproduced digitally. The original sold in a gallery exhibit.

2008 Scuba Claus - screen print

2008 Star - screen print

2008 Wise Men - screen print


  1. I LOVE the cards. Especially the one Mary and Jesus!


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