The Leaves Danced

The leaves danced.
They whirled and flitted
        and whispered to each other.
They embraced the sun
                    as it rose in the sky.
As I came around the corner,
    they saw me
          and fell to the earth
   hoping I hadn't seen.

Today I went for what might be my last country walk of the year. Hopefully not but I haven't gotten out as much this year. I've either been working (or tired) or the weather has been scorching or raining (no in-between). The farmer who leases the field next to my home has finally plowed.
He was much later than last year. I had been waiting so I could go look for treasures such as pottery shards or animal bones. Didn't find anything in the dirt, but I did come home with some nice finds and photographs along with a satisfaction of having gotten out.

 I remembered where some dead sheep were placed in the brush last year so I returned hoping to find a skull and yes there was!

Treasures of the day



I will put it with other bones I have and maybe start a natural history museum...

I was walking along looking for the sheep skeletons when I sensed I was being watched... and sure enough, a few feet away was a face peering at me...

A large cat. It is said he has a home nearby but I see him in and around the field all the time. He just sat in the bushes and watched me while I stood and took pictures.

Sorry if this is a little gross, but it was interesting... all part of the cycle of life.

 It is supposed to start raining again tomorrow, so I also climbed a ladder and put gooey stuff on the roof where I think water is coming in. (I will know tomorrow if I got it right).

KoKo, is a good neighbor!
She came to greet me as I arrived home.