Country Roads

Almost Heaven...

This afternoon I visited my beautiful granddaughter Athena and her baby Dimitri in Buena Vista.  We laughed and talked and had a great time. We even tried a 'selfie' photo of the three of us.  It wasn't easy with the larger camera and a wiggly little boy!

Rogue Farms

We went for a walk along Wigrich Road and traveled past Rogue Farm Hopyards. They are known internationally as fine ale producers.

Across the road from the hops fields are hazelnut and walnut orchards.  Some of them looked really dark and ominous inside, enough to inspire a creepy story or two. Since the hops were recently harvested, there were many clumps of the plants and thick twine along the roadside. Athena collected the scraps of twine to wrap around mason jars to make lanterns.  I bagged up some of the hops blossoms to take home.

After cleaning off the stems and leaves, I put them in my food dehydrator.  They are already quite dry as the weather has been warm, but I want to make sure they won't turn brown.  To contain the hops, I improvised and wrapped the whole lot in netting, shoved it into the dehydrator, and turned on to 'herb' setting.  When infused into a tea, hops makes a wonderful natural sedative.

all through the hedge
grows a mighty cascade
of the deepest reds
of the deadly nightshade
Love the roots of this tree!