It is so YELLOW... almost the colour of the envelope it arrived in.
A wonderful little package arrived today! When my neighbour Fred delivered it I was excited and told him it was dirt. He knows I am a little crazy, but he probably thought I was gone now for sure. So I explained... I had recommended Sandy Webster's book Earthen Pigments in a previous blog (see 'Mud Pies'). I found her Facebook page here and contacted her. I asked about the ideal conditions in which to find yellow ochre earth as it seems a little elusive here in Western Oregon. Ms. Webster responded that she would send me some. So...

A wonderful little YELLOW package arrived today! It is going to be a great addition to my collection of natural colours and when I start playing with it, I will definitely share the results here. Thank you so much Sandy Webster! (Note: if you like mixed media at all, her work is inspiring)

As I was preparing to post this, I saw that Sandy shared my blog on her Facebook page... very cool!

Earthen Pigments by Sandy Webster