Playing with Dolls - part 1


Artist Statement for Playing with Dolls project

In these images, I explore the ever-changing grey areas between the innocence of youth, the gaining of maturity, and the reality of ageing. These differences are often difficult to distinguish and can be just as confusing when crossing over the threshold from childhood into adulthood. Sometimes the lines and boundaries of right and wrong are blurred by inexperience and as we mature, we struggle with our choices and face the demons. Often, we don’t want to give up our dolls and playthings, so they are hidden away and they grow as old as we do. But the memories still haunt us and become like the skeletons that warn us of our own mortality.

Caress- Seduction
Caress - Control

For this project, I have created a series of digital images using a flatbed scanner. This achieves an ethereal effect that is much more provocative than could be reached with plain photography. I control the mood of my images by manipulating the placement and lighting of the objects. I have dusted off the playthings of my own youth and used them to revisit both the experiences and the emotions that we all sometimes face as we come of age.

Dance with Me Forever!
Dreaming of Him

What you just read is my artist statement that I included with a couple of exhibit submissions. (Was not accepted, but I only tried twice... will try again.) It all began in September 2011 when I was invited to include artwork in a “Creepy Doll exhibit/window display at a friend's shop Stone Buddha in Silverton, Oregon. I was playing around with images on my scanner and started getting some wild results. I didn't submit them, because I changed my mind and I designed and made doll-sized gas mask and plague doctor masks (with hat) which sold. I now have hundreds of scanned images on file and have used some of them as designs for other art projects. I had some of my favourites professionally printed and sell them in my Etsy shop.

Self Image 01

Self Image 02

The Prophecy
The Bargain