My Prince!

This last January, I participated in the Cascade Print Exchange VIII sponsored by Oregon State University's printmaking department. Print exchanges are fun because the artist submits a set of identical prints that adhere to a list of set parameters.
In this case, the subject was open (sometimes this is predetermined), but the prints had to be on 5” x 7” paper in a numbered edition of 15. Every artist then received a set of 13 different prints done by other contributors. There are print exchanges listed on sites such as Some have entry fees (to cover costs) and some don't. This exchange required an SASE (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope). What I got in return was a wonderful set of small prints along with a professional catalogue showing all of the submitted works.

Here is the serigraph (screen) print I submitted. I call it “My Prince!” I had a lot of fun making it as it is quite unique. I made everything but the ArchesRives BFK paper (and the pencil for label). For the printing material, I made home-made wallpaper paste using a recipe from Recipes for Art and Craft Materials (Discussed in previous blog entry) page 21. I measured for half the quantities and still had plenty. Next time I will make even less because it goes bad after a while (but so does the store bought stuff we used in school). All of the brown colors are from three different materials that I have collected and processed at home. I used oak gall ink and field dirt pigment (both shown in earlier blog posts, and walnut ink (I will show in near future). Each gives a different quality and shade of brown. Soon, I will also post an article to show the different colours with swatch samples. So... all of the printing materials were completely handmade by me. I like working with a monochromatic (one colour) scheme, building up the value differences with layers.

Even the bullfrog image is from home. I had photographs of a bullfrog my grandson Forest caught here. And... there is a hidden riddle in the project... see if you can find it... (hint: not the copyright watermark in the image)

 My friend Peggy went with me to the opening of the exhibit of the exchange at Oregon State University. It took us a while to find the room with the reception, but that gave lots of time to look at all the wonderful student artwork (there was a lot). It made part of me wish I had gone there, but I do appreciate that I learned so much from my printmaking professor Rebecca McCannell at WOU.

Sculptured garden on OSU campus

Lost trying to find the reception...