Gallery Cards

As an art student at university (and through my jobs in four galleries) I seem to have amassed a hefty collection of gallery exhibit cards. They come in various sizes and formats and some of them are impressive miniature artworks worthy of framing. I once put several on a wall in an artistic pattern but, sadly, the poster putty I used eventually failed. One by one, day by day, they fluttered to the floor until I gave up and removed them all. Someday I will try again with another method. Here are the cards I made for my exhibits and a few from my favourites by other artists.

The Hidden Folk was an exhibit in
 March 2010 for Gallery Production 
class at WOU. I chose to 
place my work in the Allegro 
Cafe coffee shop in Werner 
Student Center. The 
theme of my artwork was
 folklore which began 
when I was reading Irish, 
German, and Russian folk-tales.

Declaration! - my first solo exhibit was with 
Silverton Arts Association's 
Borland Gallery in July 2008.

imaginaria was my Senior Thesis exhibit
May 2011.  I chose to display in the
Presidents Hall in the Administration building. 
There was less exposure there than
in other locations but I felt it was a good match.

Dialogue was an exhibit at WOU's Cannon Gallery
 in Campbell hall Feb – Mar 2013. 
 The artists are Ahmad Rafiei and Sahar Fatahi, 
accomplished painters who relocated 
from Iran to the U.S. and landed in Monmouth. 
I had the honor of installing the exhibit 
and I am especially proud of this card as it is my design.

Postcard for Silverton Arts Association's Fine Art Festival 2012. The artist's name is Tonya Smithburg.


Other Worlds: The Art was shown at WOU's 
Cannon Gallery Jan-Feb 2013. 
The exhibit was curated by Brandon Cline-Jones 
who assembled works by some of the finest 
illustrators in North America. He also designed the card.