Where I Live

This summer, I have been lost. Employment is elusive due to my lack of qualifications and/or motivation.  So… I have been lost. 

The Oaks
But it is not un-constructive (apologies for the double negative).  While searching to find my way I wander around the property where I live with pail and camera in hand. I gather things of which I will write about in these paragraphs.  I try to not walk out the door without my camera. 
It is a cheap, nearly ineffectual little digital thing, but it is all I have.  Since it does kick out a decent picture every once in a while, I take many shots and then delete the fuzzy or boring ones.  With a little patience and luck, I have gotten pictures of great hawks and the calming doves.  There have been sunsets and storm clouds that filled the sky.  Oak trees stand perpetual readiness waiting for my visits.  They are quite photogenic, as are the many cats here that grow in numbers every year. 
My pail is a friend that I use regularly.  I collect things that nature gifts to me, each of which warrants a story of its own.
As an introduction to my world, I live on property that is in the country but a short walk to ‘civilization’ which includes a grocery store, gas station, etc.  On the property is a house in which a man and his teenage son live. Although renting, they tend to the place and they are good neighbors.  There are several outbuildings including an ancient potting shed, a couple of run down work sheds, etc.  There is an old barn that is quite usable and I have use of it as my laundry machines are there.  I have also taken over an area and installed an art studio.


The area between the rear of my house and the fields contain a dilapidated, long since unused chicken coop and many trees.  Of the trees, there are sixteen oaks, two walnuts, and others that include pear, apple, cherry, and aspen.  Along the fence, grows a hedge of blackberry brambles that increase in size as I write.

Next to the barn is my home.  It is an old single-wide, one-bedroom mobile home.  There is a small fenced in ‘yard’ (currently filled with weeds) and a deck that fills in the triangular area between my house and the side of the barn.  It is quiet and the rent is low.  I like it here. 


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