What I Believe

The Gift - oil painting by Kathryn M. Bennett

I am just going to say this now… I believe in the God Yahweh.  He (for generic gender purposes) is my creator, provider, and friend.  I have no need to judge others for what they believe. I choose instead to judge them for their actions and ethics. People have the right to be Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, etc. but they do not have the right to insult, persecute or harm others because of it.

Same with politics… it saddens me to witness the slamming, finger pointing, and muck-slinging going on between Republicans and Democrats on the news and on Facebook.  I am of the Independent party because I agree with, believe in, and am disgusted by issues on both sides. 

I am a “Creation/Evolutionist” I believe God (another generic term some people don’t like but I am exercising free speech) created the universe and everything in it.  BUT I also believe it was not done in seven of our ‘days’ but in the millions of years that is but a fraction of the God’s eternity. 

I believe the Bible is holy and sacred, but I also think that many stories, such as Adam & Eve, are mythical stories that were passed on verbally, changing and growing into what is written today.  When the first humans were created, there was no written word.  These stories were eventually recorded by humans.  God may have inspired them, but he didn’t write them.

There will be other things I write that some may not like.  You are welcome to respond as long as it is with respect.  I reserve the right to remove any comments that I feel should not be on my blog.

Here is an image of a painting “The Gift” I did that was inspired by God.  I asked Him how I could glorify Him and this immediately came to my mind.  I was very happy that the painting came out the way I/we wished.  For the setup, I baked sourdough bread.  I used an old communion plate and a pottery wine cup I had received as a gift.  My son-in-law posed his hands for me to photograph.  I gave the painting to my church, Oak Street Church in Silverton, Oregon and presented it with a Communion service.