Artist and Project Statements

Kathryn M. Bennett – Artist Statement

I am an artist living in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon, U.S.A. I have always loved art (I took every class I could in high school). But I did not become a serious artist until 2005 when the creativity began to 'flow.' I graduated in 2013 from Western Oregon University with degrees in both Art and Anthropology and have been searching for ways to combine the two in my artwork. With my art, I desire to communicate my ideas, thoughts, and feelings about issues faced by societies and cultures such as self-image, fertility, and mortality.

My artwork has been in gallery exhibits and fairs. See my resume for a complete list. Some of my art on this site is available for purchase either as originals or professional prints. See the links list on menu and feel free to contact me for more information.

Special projects:

Dark Scans – scanner art

I have created a series of digital images using a flatbed scanner. This achieves an ethereal effect that is much more provocative than could be reached with plain photography. I control the mood of my images by manipulating the placement and lighting of the objects. The playthings of my own youth were dusted off and used to revisit both the experiences and the emotions that we all sometimes face as we come of age. I also use some of of my digital scans as drawing, etching, and painting designs. I am currently discussing a possible exhibit of my images with the gallery at Western Oregon University.

Egg Project – mixed media

I have discovered a love of mixed media. I am especially interested in using materials that are out of context. In school, I made a full-size corset of old metal screen, wire, and nails to illustrate the concept of relationships and pain. It (and my exposure to contemporary art while working at Project Space over the summer) has inspired me to work on plans for an “Egg Project.” I create eggs with materials that are unusual, such as hardware nails. In this project I want to address the subject of fertility: how it is perceived and dealt with and how it affects women (and men) around the globe.

Meditation Boxes – mixed media

One of my first mixed media projects was to make a personalized art box from found materials. I used an old doll case and transformed it into a 'Meditation Box.' It has drawers, doors, and compartments that hold a vintage bottle, communion cups, and items that symbolize what life (and death) means to me. It is now a vital part of my life and I was inspired to make others. Some are portable boxes for travelling while others are small open units that stand on a shelf or hang on a wall. Each is an interactive personal and symbolic statement. 

Home-made materials

I am interested in learning how art materials were obtained before industrialism. I have been experimenting and learning to make my own art supplies. One of my favourite current projects is creating pigments from plant and earth materials. So far, I have made dyes from walnut husks, oak galls, and field dirt and I am experimenting with screen printing, paints, and fibre arts. It gives me a great appreciation for how early humans created their masterpieces.