Show and Tell series

In the beginning... I began this blog to promote and sell my artwork and eventually, by the grace of God and the universe, quit my day job. Well, yes that was a bit of a stretch for a dream and no, it hasn't happened quite yet, but I have sold a few pieces and that makes me happy. Confession: I usually just turn around and buy more art supplies. 


Also, since I am very process oriented, I really enjoy writing posts that share the design and creating steps I use for my work. See Mud Pies and OakGall Soup. The fact that you the reader enjoy them is just icing on the cake.


I have a lot of paintings, prints, drawings, and other projects that all have stories behind them that I would like to share. So... about every week I am going to write a “Show and Tell” featuring a special piece. I will begin with works for sale, most are listed in my Etsy shop, this way perhaps my work might sell more and I get one more step to my maybe-not-so-unrealistic dream.


Please help me by sharing these blog posts with your friends and in advance... thank you! Please feel free to browse through my Etsy shop any time and if you see something you would like to see featured, just leave a comment on a blog post and I will bump it up on my list.


Thank you for letting me share my artwork with you!