Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Creative Year

This is my 65th  blog post for the year of 2015. That is just over one a week, which is pretty close to what I had planned to accomplish. I do hope no one felt too bombarded but I love having this blog site to show off my artwork and photographs. This is an avenue for my self expression and I have made a few new online friends through my blogging and had a lot of fun.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Revisiting December Days

My blogging (at the moment) is a bit sporadic. This is because my personal life is in a bit of an upheaval. The property my home is on was sold (quickly and quietly) to the Grinch/Scrooge. The heavy equipment is not sitting outside my door as of yet... but will be soon. So, instead of decking the halls, I pack the rooms (albeit slowly). Work schedules, weather, and arthritis pain keeps it at a slow pace. 


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

ATC: Zodiac Signs

The results have been posted on Grumbacher – Official Fanpage on Facebook for the Art Swap #41 Theme: Zodiac. This month's ATC swap received 56 entries... the most so far. All of the cards are great and yes, I have some favourites and hopefuls for the one I will get in the trade. I must admit I waited not-very-patiently for it to be posted!