Monday, August 27, 2012


On to Oregon Cavalcade  Reunion: Friday, 24-26 August 2012  Pass Creek County Park, Oregon

Riding with Peggy
Camping: camp cot/comfort
White crane in the trees & flying
Lake, trees, blackberries, minnows, algae
Storytelling, friends, margaritas
Freight train
Walking on tracks - taking photos
Ducks staring at me
Watching ducks fight/play/sleep/swim

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oak Gall Soup

Gathering Oak Galls for Making Ink

Oak galls are wonderful little orbs that grow on the oak trees.  They occur as a result of wasps laying their larvae on the branches.  In response, as a self-protective mechanism, the trees generate a hormone that swells into woody spheres ranging in size from one to four inches.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What I Believe

The Gift - oil painting by Kathryn M. Bennett

I am just going to say this now… I believe in the God Yahweh.  He (for generic gender purposes) is my creator, provider, and friend.  I have no need to judge others for what they believe. I choose instead to judge them for their actions and ethics. People have the right to be Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, etc. but they do not have the right to insult, persecute or harm others because of it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where I Live

This summer, I have been lost. Employment is elusive due to my lack of qualifications and/or motivation.  So… I have been lost. 

The Oaks
But it is not un-constructive (apologies for the double negative).  While searching to find my way I wander around the property where I live with pail and camera in hand. I gather things of which I will write about in these paragraphs.  I try to not walk out the door without my camera. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About writing

I have decided that my professors are correct at least about one thing.  I need to keep a journal.  I need to write or draw in it with regularity. Daily would be preferable, but not realistic.  I would be diligent the first few days, but then something would distract me such as forgetfulness, depression, or just plain laziness.  After a few episodes of staring at a blank page, I would say, “Ah, well…” and proceed to give up.
I have many thoughts and ideas in my brain and heart that I often feel a need to record.  What has been in my way is the thought that I need to be as eloquent as Virginia Woolf or Anthony Trollope.  But today the reality set in that these skills just may never emerge from me (at least not consistently anyway) and that I should just forge on regardless.  I should write for myself, to myself and of myself in spite of my literary shortcomings.

An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog.  This is virgin territory for me, so it may require a little patience for all of us.  I am doing this for two reasons.  First, friends have asked me about having a blog.  Second, because I want to use this to share my artwork and writing.  There will never be any great national secrets posted here… but I do promise to try to keep it interesting. My inspiration for this blog came after watching the movie Julie & Julia written by Julie Powers.  So… in their words (and for lack of a better finish)… Bon Appetit!